Oliver! A show with real oom pah-pah!

Consider yourself invited to AMTG’s production of Oliver! 4-8 April, 400 Hall, Repton School.

With its fabulous songs and colourful storyline of robbery, trickery, love and murder, this spectacular show has something for everyone.

David McKnight, the show’s producer said:

“If rehearsals are anything to go by this will be one of our best shows yet! We have lots of new junior members who are working well with our established cast – there’s so much energy and enthusiasm on stage and everyone’s really enjoying the songs. We’re all looking forward to treading the boards at Repton in April.”

The show stars Olivia Carroll-Walsh and Ella Cope as Oliver and Charlie Berrington and Oliver Welton as The Artful Dodger, with each child having three performances.

The principal adult roles are played by Emily Watson as Nancy, Carl Benfield as Bill Sykes and Chris Head as Fagin, with support from Emily Hammond, Ben Kirby, Jenny Wells, Josh Benfield, Natalie Whittlesey, Helen Barker, Ellie Mays, Chris Arnall, Allen Graham and Keith Reynolds. Plus, making his acting debut is Coby, who plays who Bill Sykes’ dog Bullseye.

Some tickets are still available – please go to the online Box Office at amtg.org.uk or telephone 07527 228945.