From audition day, to callbacks, to casting!

On Sunday 4th September 2016 almost 90 children registered to audition for our 2017 production of Oliver!. The full day audition resulted in us finding 36 workhouse children and Fagin’s Gang urchins – together with two marvellous Olivers and Artful Dodgers.

Like most audition days, the time flew, and after the very busy registration process, teams of AMTG members observed and encouraged the children in drama, music and dance workshops. Every single child gave their all for six hours, and they were amazing – it was a very difficult decision for the Production Team to decide who should be invited to take part in the show.

After the audition Musical Director Alan Hutchinson, Producer/Director David McKnight and Choreographer Leanne O’Brien spent more time putting the list together for both Fagin’s Gang and the names of 15 children who would be invited to the callback audition on Tuesday 6th September to choose our Olivers and Artful Dodgers.

Sadly the next task was to contact the children who weren’t going to be invited to take part on this occasion, and it was a very hard message to write as they were all so wonderful – but of course we could not accept them all.

The Tuesday callback audition put the 15 children through more paces, including acting in pairs, singing in groups, and learning a new dance routine. Again AMTG members observed the children, sang with them, and danced too, in order to select two Olivers and Artful Dodgers. The amazing talent of all the children present was something to behold, and the difficult process of selection began again for the Production Team after the children had finished.

With our two Olivers (Olivia Carroll-Walsh and Ella Cope) and our two Artful Dodgers (Charlie Berrington and Oliver Welton) chosen, the remaining 11 children from that Tuesday callback, together with those previously chosen from the Sunday audition were invited to become Fagin’s Gang.

Now rehearsals have begun in earnest, and since the 6th September our lovely children have been working so hard, and have formed a wonderful team who will be loved by our audiences when the show is performed from 4th-8th April 2017.

We have put together a selection of superb photographs, taken by Dave Sampson, which show the process from that first Sunday, through to the callback on Tuesday.

For tickets please go to our online Box Office, here at – the demand for tickets is really high, and only a week after the tickets went on sale we have already sold over 25% of the available seats, so don’t delay, this is a must-see show, and we look forward to seeing you there!